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Staying Productive During Chiberia

I am finding myself with a little more free time than usual during Chiberia. With most people on shut in mode and battling the flu, the priority of organizing is down on the list. It would be so easy to sit in front of the TV and stream netflix or just wander the mall each... Read more »

How To Organize Kids Craft Supplies

Kids and crafts go hand in hand. Everyone wants to think that they have a little Picasso! Growing up in a creative family, I think its very important to expose children to crafts and let their creativity flow. With creativity also comes the mess. So how do you organize your kids crafts? In a perfect... Read more »

Organizing Fail- Is It You Or The System

In an effort to get organized, many of us toy with different organizing solutions. Some of us our motivated by the “pretty” while others of us go for functional. And there are times when it just doesn’t work! I call this an “Organizing Fail.” Is it you or the system? Here are some questions to... Read more »

10 Winter Organizing Projects

Chiberia got you stuck in the house? Going crazy staring at the four walls. You would rather spend your days outside or running errands, but the weatherman is telling you to stay inside. The good news, there is only 30 more days till springtime. Hang in there, you can make it!! Here are some little... Read more »

How To Manage Your Home Projects

Who doesn’t love to decorate or fix up their home. Especially in Chicago where we have older homes that need to be updated and remodeled. Myself included, in this wonderful but crazy process. In the few years that I have owned my condo, I have painted, changed out light fixtures, door hardware and many other... Read more »

How to Share Your Home With Your Adult Kids

Just when you think you are an empty nester, the kids come home. Due to divorce, death, or loss of income, you might find yourself opening up those childhood bedrooms. More and more, I am seeing families share space. When you add people to a space, you also add clutter and chaos. Here are some... Read more »

The Family Home-Defining Your Space

As you can imagine I work with a lot of families. Its the same challenge- finding space. That can be tough in the city where space is at a premium. I grew up in Texas and always had a lot of space in my childhood home and my first apartment. Not so much in Chicago.... Read more »

Creating Your Zen Space

Even after organizing for ten years, I am still taking classes to learn the newest techniques and methods of organization. This week I took a tele class from the ICD led By Alan Brown of the ADD Crusher method. Alan, has ADD and according to himself he used to have a lot of challenges due... Read more »

Five Ways To Create Space In Your Home

Its human nature, we all spread out in our home. Since buying my condo 3 years ago, I have enjoyed having more space and storage. I now stock up on things that I didn’t have room for in the past. So what happens when you are on space overload. When there is simply no more... Read more »

Your Organizing Questions Answered- What Do You Want To Know

I write this blog to educate those who want to make positive changes in their home and office space. I find a lot of my inspiration for topics all around me in my daily activities. This blog is to help you! SO I AM ASKING ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL READERS- WHAT DO YOU WANT TO... Read more »