Organizing Fail- Is It You Or The System

In an effort to get organized, many of us toy with different organizing solutions. Some of us our motivated by the “pretty” while others of us go for functional. And there are times when it just doesn’t work! I call this an “Organizing Fail.” Is it you or the system?

Here are some questions to ask yourself before putting new systems in place!

1. Am I a visual person? If you are, you need to see things in order to process what they are and where they go.

2. What will fit in my space?

3. What is my budget?

Here are some reasons that systems fail!

1. You were never in love with the new system. I use a brainstorming method with clients to help them find systems that work for them. I have found that if you are not totally on board with a new system, you are less likely to keep it in place.

2. The system isn’t being maintained. I find this very common. Daily maintenance is a must. Especially with a paper system. Take those few minutes each day to keep up with it.

3. Your family doesn’t know the systems. When I work with families, I always stress to the client how important it is for everyone in the house to understand the home systems. If everyone is on board, it will help keep the system in place.

4. Two many categories are being placed in one container. Overfilling a drawer or a bin with lots of different items will cause major system failure. I find this happens quite a bit in bedroom dressers. Its better to have space left, they to try and shove it full with other items.

5. Not labeling your containers. Most of us need visual cues. When you choose not to label your items, you are leaving it to memory.

So there you have it, a few reasons why systems fail. Before you go out and buy containers, make a plan. Take your time and may sure you love your new systems!!

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