How To Organize Kids Craft Supplies

Kids and crafts go hand in hand. Everyone wants to think that they have a little Picasso! Growing up in a creative family, I think its very important to expose children to crafts and let their creativity flow. With creativity also comes the mess. So how do you organize your kids crafts?

In a perfect work, you would have a craft area for your kids. This would come complete with a little table/chairs and the crafting supplies. Some of us that have toy room usually make a corner a craft area.

So lets talk craft organization. I am going to start with Legos. I consider them part of the crafting process. If you have a child that is really into creating with legos, consider setting up a lego station. A simple white banquet table from Bed Bath and Beyond works quite well for this project. Then use some plastic drawers on wheels for storing the lego pieces. They also make drawers with different colors for lego storage. These drawers should slide right under the table.

Next up, the art supplies. The biggest problem with these is that they always get mixed up. I also see alot of duplicate buying. My favorite solution to store art supplies, clear bins. I love the ones from the Container Store. I use the regular shoe box ones and the men’s size shoe box. They fit art supplies perfectly. I also label each categorized box.

Here are some of the art categories:

1. Markers
2. Crayons
3. Pencils
4. Stickers
5. Foam Art
6. Paint
7. Play Dough
8. Colored Paper
9. White Paper
10. Misc Craft Items

When they are organized by category, its easier for your, your children or even your sitter to do crafts with the kids. The boxes also stack nicely in a cabinet or on a shelf.


Another solution that works are the drawers on wheels. The same ones that I referred to above for lego storage. They can be organized by category and labeled. You can simply roll them out for craft time. They can either be stored in a closet or under a craft table.

Enjoy your crafting!

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