How To Manage Your Home Projects

Who doesn’t love to decorate or fix up their home. Especially in Chicago where we have older homes that need to be updated and remodeled. Myself included, in this wonderful but crazy process. In the few years that I have owned my condo, I have painted, changed out light fixtures, door hardware and many other misc items. Yesterday, I was taking out my old dishwasher in preparation for the new one that is to arrive today. Thanks to Google for the directions!

Large home projects can be stressful. There are so many different entities that you need to manage. The most important thing is to keep a file for all the paperwork for the project. If its a small project, you might be able to use one file. For larger projects, you might need multiple files or an accordion file. Here are some of the things that you need to keep track of during your project:

1. Quotes and Estimates- When you choose your contractor, toss our the ones that you aren’t using for your project. Remember at the end of your project, to file them in a home improvement file. You can write these items off when you sell your home.

2. Paint Colors

3. Fabric samples

4. Hardware catalogs or choices

5. Lighting

6. A timeline for the project.

7. List of Contractors names and numbers

While most home projects do have hiccups in them, keeping all your paperwork organized will help. When the project is finished, you can weed out the files. The most important things to keep are the receipts of the money you spend on the project.

And when your project is finished, enjoy your space!!

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