Five Ways To Create Space In Your Home

Its human nature, we all spread out in our home. Since buying my condo 3 years ago, I have enjoyed having more space and storage. I now stock up on things that I didn’t have room for in the past.

So what happens when you are on space overload. When there is simply no more space to be had? Here are five ways to create space in your home.

1. PURGE-Maybe its time to purge and let go some of your stuff. Our lifestyles constantly change and so do the things we need.

2. CONTAINERIZE-Depending on what type of items you have, you can containerize them . I did an art closet last week and containerized and stacked all the categories. This created some much needed space. Make sure you buy containers that have lids and stack. I find that a lot of people buy “cute” and non functional not realizing that its a huge space waster.

3. MOVE-Sometimes you need to evaluate what is in your primary space. Consider moving items that you don’t need or use on a regular basis to another area of your home.

4. ADD STORAGE-Although this isn’t my first choice, sometimes you need to add storage items. This will depend on your budget and style. Built ins are the nicest method of storage but also the most expensive.

5. FOLD OR HANG-This tip is for the closet. Sometimes by making some adjustment to what we hang or fold, we create extra room in our closets. Those jeans and casual t shirts can be folded. Also, using the skinny velvet hangers will help you create space for your hanging items.

I hope this helps you create space in your home!! Happy Organizing!!

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