Creating Your Zen Space

Even after organizing for ten years, I am still taking classes to learn the newest techniques and methods of organization. This week I took a tele class from the ICD led By Alan Brown of the ADD Crusher method. Alan, has ADD and according to himself he used to have a lot of challenges due to his ADD. Now, he gives seminars worldwide on how to get your ADD under control. His program is called the ADD Crusher.

One of the topics that he discussed was creating your zen space. This really hit home. Being someone that works out of their home. Its important to me to have a space where I can not only run my business but pursue my creative outlets like writing. In my former apartment, I didn’t have this space. I worked in a corner of my living room. I did buy myself a nice desk.

Since, I tend to get a lot of emails from clients and potential clients at all hours, I could never shut off work. In the time before smart phones, I was constantly turning on and off the computer. Even when I was watching tv or eating, I was constantly thinking about work.

When I bought my condo, I was determined to have a space which would be for work alone. I needed a “zen” space to focus as Alan Brown would say. He even showed pictures of his condo and how he created his zen space so he could focus and create. Being a very visual person, it was important for me to create a space that not only functioned but made me happy.

I recovered a chair, brought in a shelf that was previously in another area of my home, and added some paint and curtains. I even made some bulletins boards. And whola- that little bedroom become my sanctuary! A space where I love to spend time.

office pic

Whether its a bedroom, sun room, or corner of a room- create a space where you can focus and create! It makes a big difference.

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