10 Winter Organizing Projects

Chiberia got you stuck in the house? Going crazy staring at the four walls. You would rather spend your days outside or running errands, but the weatherman is telling you to stay inside. The good news, there is only 30 more days till springtime. Hang in there, you can make it!!

Here are some little projects you can work on in your home to pass the time!

1. Pantry- Take everything out and wipe down the shelves. When you put it back, categorize like with like. Some of the most common categories include- breakfast, soups, and pasta.

2. Dresser Drawers- Time to hit that sock drawer. As scary as it may seem, why not spend a little time matching them up and letting go of the unmatched.

3. Laundry Room- This tends to be a dumping ground for all sorts of things. Clean it out and relocate items that don’t belong.

4. Linen Closet- Time to sort out all those towels. Also go through those toiletries and first aid items. Evict the expired! Also containerize your toiletries and put like with like.

5. Toy Room- What are the kids not playing with anymore. Time to do a sort. Make sure everything is age appropriate.

6. Master Closet- Time to evaluate those clothes. Is everything your cut,color, and size? If it currently doesn’t work for you, then take if our of your closet.

7. Hall Closet- Another dumping ground. I also find that people forget to vacuum it as well. Don’t let your boots get covered with dust. Containerize your scarves and gloves.

8. Refrigerator -What mystery meat is lurking in there. Time to clean it out. Take everything out and wipe it down. This should be done several times a year.

9. Car-Its hard to keep the exterior clean in the wintertime. The interior also gets messy with the constant rush of snow boots and water. Make sure you have winter mats and keep the floors clear of misc items.

10. Filing System- At the beginning of each year, you should clean out your filing system. Archive items you need to save and toss the rest. Also, evaluate what you can change over to paperless.

And there you have it. Ten little projects you can work on during the harsh Chicago winter. Start off the spring with an organized home!!

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