Why You Are Disorganized and How To Change It

Over my years as an organizer, I have worked with many people that are chronically disorganized. They try and try but never seem to hit that point of organization. There are many different reasons why someone cant stay organized. Here are some of the main ones that I have seen time and time again.

1. You are at maximum capacity in your space. The truth is you are trying to make your space do too much for you. Its over crowded and you are constantly juggling to find things and put items away. The solution- Define your space. Be realistic about what you can fit and what you need in your prime or accessible space.

2. Systems change- We all are guilty of this one. We see a new bin, basket, or filing system and decide to try it out. Most of the time, we don’t end up getting rid of the old system and we end up with system overload. If its not broke, don’t fix it is my motto. There is something to be said about keeping it simple.

3. Overbuying- We all love a good deal. myself included. I made out like a bandit when Dominicks went out of business last year. I still have quite the resources. There is nothing wrong with buying extra. The key is to have a place to store it. Create an overflow area. I have a shelf in my basement that contains all my overflow food and toiletry items.

4. Like with like. This is so important. If you don’t keep like items together, you will over buy things and end up with alot of duplicates.

5. Large bins of mish mash- I see this all the time. People throwing items in big bins to containerize them and get them out of there way. This only works when you are putting one or two categories in them. Don’t use this system to clear your space. Make sure you define what you store in them and label them as well.

6. Use it or lose it. If you try out a new lotion or lipstick and it does’t work for you, let it go. Don’t let things that are not viable sit around and take up space.

Here is to a clutter free 2015!!!

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