The Time/Money Savings Of Online Shopping-My Love Affair with Amazon

I have fallen in love. I held back for several years. But then I bit the bullet. For the last several years I have gone from home to home and seen the boxes. Online shopping is the new norm it seems. I avoided it, just like I avoided getting an IPhone but now I am hooked. There is no going back for me!!

Each year I write up my new years resolutions. One list for personal and one list for professional goals. Some are small goals, others are bigger. The one that remains constant is to find more time and balance in my life. Running a growing business and trying to find time for fun and keeping up with my errands. Even with making the once a month trip to Costco, I was still spending a lot of time running errands. In between jobs, after jobs, and whenever I could squeeze them in, I was trying to get things done.

My change of heart began when I purchased my new computer. I needed an external hard drive and a computer case(they don’t come with those horrible laptop bags anymore). I didn’t have the time to go out and buy these things, so after I did my research online, I turned to Amazon to purchase them.

Wow- what a selection. And look at those prices. Yup, I was hooked!! They even had vendors from which you could order slightly used items from. I ordered a used laptop case that was in perfect condition.

As with any online order, there can be the hassle of returns. Here is what I do to minimize the hassle or returns.

1. I usually don’t order clothes online because I am not a perfect fit. I don’t want to risk the chance of having to return things. I do order them if its something that I know works for me such at jeans or hosiery.

2. Its hard to see exact quality of stuff. I ordered a blanket for the bears game and discovered that it was super thin, I returned it right away.

3. I know a lot of people that buy decorative stuff online to try it out in their home. Make sure you know the policy to return things. I know that Garnett Hill has a very generous return policy.

4. Look for coupons. When I am ordering online, I always check Retail Me Not to see if any discounts are available for the products itself or shipping.

I am thrilled with the time that I am saving. Even with the occasional return, I have dramatically cut down the time I am running errands. I also am able to order 24 hours a day.

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