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The Time/Money Savings Of Online Shopping-My Love Affair with Amazon

I have fallen in love. I held back for several years. But then I bit the bullet. For the last several years I have gone from home to home and seen the boxes. Online shopping is the new norm it seems. I avoided it, just like I avoided getting an IPhone but now I am... Read more »

Purging Your Home; The Top Five Reasons You Don't Do It

In a perfect world, every time you are done with something in your life such as clothing, technology, or toys, it is removed from your home. You can donate it, toss it, give it to a friend, or sell it. There are many choices and places to bestow your items. Well most of us don’t... Read more »

Organizing Your Thoughts; How To Declutter Your Mind

The other day a good friend commented that I always give organizing tips but never talk about how to organize ones mind or thoughts. Like any other normal person my thoughts and ideas coming blaring into my brain- sometimes at warp speed and other times in a mellow state. I have learned to unclutter my... Read more »

The Problem With Paper And How To Solve It

Paper! The root of all evil as I like to say. These little 8×11 sheets cause people so much anxiety. If not handled on a regular basis, they breed like bunnies. They attract dust and end up with coffee spilled on them. Here are some reasons we have paper problems: 1. We are afraid of... Read more »

The Ten Most Common Organizing Mistakes

Ever wonder why your some of your organizing systems don’t seem to work? No matter how hard your try, you just can’t seem to get it right. Here are the top ten organizing mistakes and how to correct them. 1. My home gets disorganized again the next day. I hear this one all the time.... Read more »

Don't Trash Grandma's Stuff; Call In An Estate Professional

I was asked to do a consultation last week at an estate property downtown. I wanted to be prepared so I asked my usual questions to the realtor – any antiques or estate stuff to sell? She told me it was “old lady” taste. I met with the client, the nephew handling the estate and... Read more »

Taking The Fear Out Of Doing Your Taxes

Don’t hate! I am done with my taxes. Yup.The organizer came in the mail and I turned on the quick books and whipped it out. All I am waiting for are some tax forms that come in the mail. Otherwise- I am good to go. Doing my taxes used to be easy peasy. Then I... Read more »

Why You Are Disorganized and How To Change It

Over my years as an organizer, I have worked with many people that are chronically disorganized. They try and try but never seem to hit that point of organization. There are many different reasons why someone cant stay organized. Here are some of the main ones that I have seen time and time again. 1.... Read more »

How To Beat Those Winter Blues and Stay Productive

Its pretty darn cold here in Chicago. Yesterday we had a freeze warning of winds to 30 below zero. Thank god for cuddle duds. That is all I have to say. So with this cold weather, lack of sunshine, and layers of clothes lifestyle, its natural that energy levels tend to change. At one time... Read more »

Simple Tips on How To Organize Your Kitchen

I love to cook. When I am not organizing, you will probably find me in my kitchen whipping something up and making a mess. Anyone that loves to cook knows that a well organized and stocked kitchen makes cooking and mealtimes a lot easier. Here are some simple tips to help you create “zones” in... Read more »