Run Your Errands Don't Let Them Run You

Do you ever feel like your errands are running your life and time? This past Sunday I just wanted to scream. I broke my own cardinal rule. I went into Costco on a weekend. Yup, the organizer dared to go into Costco not only on a Sunday afternoon but on a day that the Bears weren’t playing as well. It was a madhouse. I have never understood why some people feel that shopping is a family affair! Get it and go is my motto. So with that being said, are you running errands or are they running your life and time? Think about it!!

Even though I was in close proximity to Costco, and I know the store by heart, it took me awhile to make my purchases since I had to dodge stopped carts with people texting(there should be a law against that), kids, and general crowds. Not to mention the people that were crowding around the sample areas. They needed crowd control around the food!!

So how can you get the most out of your time when it comes to dreaded errand running? Here are some tips for you!

1. Batch your errands. You are wasting time if you leave the house to run one errand. Look around you. What else is in the same area that you can handle as well.

2. If possible shop during off hours. Since my schedule can be somewhat flexible, I try to shop when there aren’t big crowds. Right when stores open, or the hour before they close is heaven to me!!

3. Make a list. If you don’t have a list, you will forget purchases, spend more money, and waste time.

4. Have a route in the store. I learned this one from my mom. She went the same route each time she went to the store. She never missed a beat or forgot anything on her list. I even group things together like meat and veggies.

5. Allow proper time for each errand.

6. If you have the space, consider buying multiple items so you don’t have to repeat the errand as soon!

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