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How To Be Semi Productive On Football Sunday

I rushed home yesterday after work to watch the last half of the Bears game. In a season gone terribly wrong, I am still a fan (worst one since 2004 I think). Everyone knew that they wouldn’t be able to pull off a win but it was the last game of the season. After it... Read more »

Vacation Prep- Getting Your Travel On Without Forgetting Anything

Starting yesterday, the airports and highways were flooded with travelers going to spend the holidays with family and friends. Before you can jump on that plane or get in the car, you have to prep for vacation. Easier said then done at times. I have my rituals before I travel. Crazy as it may seem,... Read more »

Selling Antiques In Today's Market; When Your Treasures Aren't Treasured Anymore

Times have changed. Decorating styles have changed as well. I still see homes that have traditional decor but am seeing more modern sleek designs. Or occasionally I see what I term as “transitional” or the combo package style decorating. Antiques are still being bought and sold but there isn’t the large demand for them. So... Read more »

Run Your Errands Don't Let Them Run You

Do you ever feel like your errands are running your life and time? This past Sunday I just wanted to scream. I broke my own cardinal rule. I went into Costco on a weekend. Yup, the organizer dared to go into Costco not only on a Sunday afternoon but on a day that the Bears... Read more »

Domestic Squalor Vs Hoarding- Do You Know The Difference

At first glance, it looks just like hoarding. A home filled to the brim with clutter. But could it be “Domestic Squalor” and not hoarding? Even though they look just alike, there is quite the difference. Domestic Squalor is defined as multifaceted neglect, deliberate hoarding, and extreme household uncleanliness. Its when a person chooses not... Read more »

Paper Management, Winning The Battle Over All Those Scraps Of Paper

We are all guilty of it at one time or another- writing things down on little scraps of paper. And those little pieces of paper get lost, become piles, and sometimes even get coffee and food spilled on them. In a perfect world, we would have a small spiral notebook and write everything down in... Read more »

Technical Organization: Getting Those Cords Under Control

My friends and family will probably get a good laugh when they read this blog. I am so not technical. I cried years ago when my boyfriend bought me a palm pilot for valentines day. I held onto my blackberry for dear life until it froze up one too many times. And the same goes... Read more »

Gift Guilt, How to Be A Good Gift Giver

I was helping a client with her basement last week, when I asked if she wanted to keep a stack of picture frames. She paused and I chimed in, “Where they gifts?” Yup, another bunch of gifts that ended up unused and tucked away. GIFT GUILT!!! Several years ago I met a lady at a... Read more »

Donating Dilemmas and How to Avoid Them

Over my years in the organizing world, I have heard time and time again “I want to get rid of if but don’t know where it should go.” Donating dilemmas – deciding where to donate or who to give your stuff to can be just as challenging as the decision to purge it. Let me... Read more »