When Its Time To Let Go Of Your Hoochie Mama Clothes

When I was purging my closet for winter, I realized it was time to purge the rest of my “Hoochie Mama Clothes”. I have never been big into the club scene but like any other women I have some clothes that could pass for a not so proper lady. Come on ladies, admit it, you have them too.

Sometimes we buy clothes for the person that we want to be and not the life that we have. Its common. I am in and out of closets all the time.

Being a successful business woman, in my forties, I decided that these clothes were no longer part of what I needed for my life. So how did I let those lovely cleavage shirts go? Here are some thoughts to ponder.

1. Twenty years ago I didn’t have a care in the world. I would do it up. Now, I would not want any of my clients or business associates to see me in those clothes. I would feel silly.

2. I wouldn’t wear them on a date. I am looking for something real and don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention or give off a bad impression.

3. They aren’t age appropriate in my opinion. There is a fine line between classy or trashy.

4. I did try them on one last time and smile. I still have it but everyone doesn’t need to see it!

So when you are purging your closet, think about where you are in life and what message you want to send. Sometimes its hard to except the fact that we have grown up and left part of our youth behind.

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