The Box It Up Method Of Organization- Does it Work

There are times when a home or space is so severely cluttered or hoarded, that there is no where to put things. Its a challenge to purge when you don’t know what you have. So out come the boxes. Yup, let the sorting begin. We call this the Box It Up Method.


Bankers boxes are used to help categorize and sort things. Each box gets a label and the sorting begins. In the case of many extremely cluttered homes, you tend to find items if all categories all over the place. There are jobs I have been on in which we have used a few hundred boxes.

The goal is the have the home owner go through the boxes and decide what they want to keep, donate, sell, trash, or recycle. In the end, the remaining items are put away.

As you can tell, the boxing method is a multi step process.

1. Boxes are labeled and staged in the space. Then they are filled with various items. During this process, the obvious trash is thrown away.

2. After the boxes are filled, the homeowner goes through them and decides what they want to keep, donate, sell, or trash.

3. The remaining items are incorporated in the home.

Depending on time and budget, sometimes the full three steps don’t get done. I have gone into many a home in which, they previously used the boxing method and never finished the sorting.

Does this method work? Here are some pros and cons:


* In the end of the first step, the majority of your items are boxed and sorted by category. You are left with a wall of boxes.

* Since the prep work is done, you can sort based on category or room.

* If you need something, it will be pretty easy to find.


* If you aren’t working with a professional, you may not stay on track and get all the boxes sorted. I have seen many a home in which step one was done, and the boxes have sat.

* White the clutter is taking away, your home is full of boxes, If your space is small, it could be a challenge.

I have seen this method work wonders. I have seen this method fail. It all depends on a persons motivation and follow through. When you are sorting out the boxes, you need to have a trash, recycle, and donate bag beside you. Take your time!!

Happy Organizing!!

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