Recycling Your Exes Stuff; A Big No No

People come and go from our lives. Everyone leaves an impression on us in one way or another and some leave their stuff.

Several years ago I was having dinner at a new guys place. He was proudly showing me around his place and felt the need to show me his closets(as many people do). I noticed a section of women’s clothes. Immediately my guard went up. I asked him if he was currently involved. He told me he wasn’t but they belonged to an ex. He kept them because you never know when someone might need them.

If I got a chill, I sure wasn’t going to ask for a sweater of his ex. And later that night, I saw nail files in the bathroom. I can only imagine what else was lurking in his home. If I left anything, would it end up in the ex pile as well??

I thought this was odd but have seen this happen several times over the years in my personal and professional life. While recycling is great, recycling your exes stuff crosses a big comfort line for a new partner. And it makes you wonder.

As adults we all know that we have a past. Its reality. We don’t need it tossed into our faces at every turn of a new relationship!So the mantra of feng shui states- clear out the past. Ever time you look at those items, you are reminded of the past- good or bad!

So box up those old clothes. Clear out those toiletries and hair products!

Start fresh!

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