Death and Disorganization-Two Unwanted Friends

In our lifetime, we will all lose people that we love. Friends, family, and people that inspire or shape our lives. In an instant, we too can shut down emotionally and physically.

Studies how shown that a large percentage of people experience some level of depression when they lose a loved one. We all know that along with depression comes loss of energy. And when you have low energy, you just aren’t getting your chores done! And those piles start to build. I call it disorganization due to death.

Its human nature for one to grief. We all have are own way or time that we need to take to heal. In the meantime, when that low energy hits home, don’t let those grief piles take over your home. Here are some tips to help your manage this challenging time.

* Clear off your plate. Its time to focus on yourself until you feel better.

* Keep your routines. Make a list of the things that you need to do on a daily basis to run your home.

* Outsource if you need to!! If you don’t have the energy to clean- hire a service. You will feel better with a clean home.

* Simplify your life if possible.

* Take time for yourself.

* Accept help from friends and family. Let those loved ones help!!

* Don’t take on any new projects until you feel up to it.

The most important thing is to give yourself time. No one comes out of a tragedy like a super hero.

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