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When Its Time To Let Go Of Your Hoochie Mama Clothes

When I was purging my closet for winter, I realized it was time to purge the rest of my “Hoochie Mama Clothes”. I have never been big into the club scene but like any other women I have some clothes that could pass for a not so proper lady. Come on ladies, admit it, you... Read more »

Recycling Your Exes Stuff; A Big No No

People come and go from our lives. Everyone leaves an impression on us in one way or another and some leave their stuff. Several years ago I was having dinner at a new guys place. He was proudly showing me around his place and felt the need to show me his closets(as many people do).... Read more »

Death and Disorganization-Two Unwanted Friends

In our lifetime, we will all lose people that we love. Friends, family, and people that inspire or shape our lives. In an instant, we too can shut down emotionally and physically. Studies how shown that a large percentage of people experience some level of depression when they lose a loved one. We all know... Read more »

The Box It Up Method Of Organization- Does it Work

There are times when a home or space is so severely cluttered or hoarded, that there is no where to put things. Its a challenge to purge when you don’t know what you have. So out come the boxes. Yup, let the sorting begin. We call this the Box It Up Method. Bankers boxes are... Read more »