The Professor and Paper - Getting Out From Under Those Piles

In a world gone paperless, there are still a few jobs that are paper heavy like the college professor. Even with google, scanning, and all those journals out there, they still find themselves in mounds of paper. Years and years of research and classwork evades their office space and home.

So lets talk about the Professor and paper- can this relationship be saved? How do you get out from under those mounds of paper?

I have worked with many a college professor. They all have piles and piles of research, articles and publications. So where to begin?

ARCHIVE SYSTEM– Set up an archive system. This system should contain your dissertation, published articles, and information on any projects that you have worked on in the past.

CLASS INFO-Contain your class information and research in clearly labeled files. At the beginning should contain the syllabus and outline of the course. I have been told that many teachers rotate their classes and have been asked to revisit past ones.

DEPARTMENT INFO-These files should contain memos from the dean or department chair.

PROJECTS-Many professors work on multiple projects at one time. I have seen many professors use open baskets to store this type of research and keep it on top of a filing system. Others have a dedicated file cabinet for projects.

It’s also wise to have a portable filing system. This way you can transport files to and from the office when you are working on them. Don’t sling them in a work bag where they are bound to get bent or out of order.

The most important piece of advise that I can give you is the make sure every piece of paper is identified and labeled. Get out from under those piles! Or you might find yourself spending time with a chick like me!!

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