Selling Your Home: What Not To Leave For The New Owners

Lets have some honesty here. Moving just sucks! I hated every bit of my move. I didn’t have the luxury to take time off so I did it really quick. I was thankful to find that they previous owners has cleaned out the place! No extra stuff for me to manage!!

I run into people all the time that are getting their places ready to sell. It can be very overwhelming to have to clear out a home that you have been in for years. Everyone has a certain level of build up. We all spread out and get comfy in our homes.

When you vacate your home, it should be empty. The only things you should leave the new owner are:

* Blueprints
* Manuals
* Extra tiles or carpet if they are current
* Extra Hardware
* Paint if it is current and usable- ask them if they want it


* Old unusable paint
* Old misc chemicals-everyone wants a fresh home
* If they extra tile and carpet are old, get it out.
* Nails, tools, your workshop
* Manuals of appliances that you no longer have
* Random furniture- ask the new owner if they want it. I just worked on a move in which the man left three huge cabinets for the new owners. Not a happy moment for anyone!
* Junk- clean out that basement and garage

Don’t assume the new owner will have the same taste as you do! When in doubt get it out!!!!!!!!!!

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