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The Professor and Paper - Getting Out From Under Those Piles

In a world gone paperless, there are still a few jobs that are paper heavy like the college professor. Even with google, scanning, and all those journals out there, they still find themselves in mounds of paper. Years and years of research and classwork evades their office space and home. So lets talk about the... Read more »

Does Being A Saver End Up Saving Money

I am a Freebie Freddie, A Frugal Fiona. Call if whatever you like. I don’t like to waste things. I keep my home very organized so I know where things are when I need them. I am realistic about what I save. Does being a “Saver” always save you money? The answer is no. Here... Read more »

Selling Your Home: What Not To Leave For The New Owners

Lets have some honesty here. Moving just sucks! I hated every bit of my move. I didn’t have the luxury to take time off so I did it really quick. I was thankful to find that they previous owners has cleaned out the place! No extra stuff for me to manage!! I run into people... Read more »