Does Being A Saver End Up Saving Money

I am a Freebie Freddie, A Frugal Fiona. Call if whatever you like. I don’t like to waste things. I keep my home very organized so I know where things are when I need them. I am realistic about what I save.

Does being a “Saver” always save you money? The answer is no. Here are some reasons why.

!. When you save items too long, they become unusable. Just last week. I was going through a clients linen closet and we found sheets that had not been used in years and they elastic was shot.

2. Items become damaged or ruined do to the way they are stored. This is very common. When you have a lot of things in piles or not stored properly.

3. Duplicate buying- When you have too much stuff and you lose track of what you have in your home. When I am helping clients go through storage areas, we often find items that they have forgotten about and purchases again.

4. Clutter- When you are an extreme saver, it can also cause you to over fill your space and create clutter.

When deciding what to save and what not to save, be realistic. Start with shedding the items that you know you will never use again. Donate or sell them so they can be used again.

Then work on the next layer of stuff. Its okay to have a maybe pile or an area of things you want to think about.

Clearing a layer or two will give you more clarity in your life and home!!

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