Things to Get Rid Of When You Move

Packing up and going to a new place? It takes time to take stock of what you should take with you. I help a lot of people downsize and change their space. It can be a challenge on many levels.

So lets start with the big stuff- Your furniture!

* Does it fit your new space? Heartbreaking but true not everything will fit your new home. I had to get rid of an antique cabinet. Don’t take it with you if its not going to work.

* If you are going from a house to a condo, then you will need to clean out those garage items. You won’t need all those tools and industrial items. Tools sell really well on Craigslist.

* What will your new backyard(if you have one) look like? Do you have space for that patio furniture? Planters? The grill?

What to do with these big items- Consignment, Craigslist, or Freecyle

Bathrooms-How many will you have? If you are scaling down on them, scale down on the stuff as well. Let those rugs, trash cans and soap dispensers go!

If you are scaling down on bedrooms, then you should scale down on your linens as well. Take only what you need.

Downsizing from a family home? Time to call the kids and have them get their stuff! You will no longer have storage space.

And lets not forget about the small stuff.

* Menus for take out
* Maps
* Phone book
* Neighborhood information

The most important thing is to give yourself time!! It won’t happen in a day!!

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