The Secret To Getting Kids To Organize

If you tell your kids to clean their room, you will probably get “the look” and they will run out of the room. Sound familiar? Its very common. There is a secret to getting kids to organize and clean.

Over the years, I have been hired to work with lots of kids. Their parents have raised the white flag and called in a professional. These have been some of my favorite projects. One couple even had me spend 8 hours with their little gals organizing a toy room. We had a great time!!

Am I crazy you ask? No, I just know how to make it fun for kids. That is the key- make it fun!!Its the secret to getting kids to organize their space.

Whether I am working with my clients or my precious nieces, I have certain methods I employ to get the job done!!

nieces organizing

As you can see above, my precious nieces have organized their moms jewelry!

So how do you corral your little ones and put them to work? Here are my tips:

* Break it down! Don’t expect them to clean out their whole room at one time! Have them do little mini projects!

* Sorting- Kids are amazing at sorting things! My little nieces spent several hours with me sorting their arts and crafts items. It was like a game to them.

* Make it pretty! Containerize your kids stuff!

* Get a label maker! Kids go cray cray over these! Soon your whole home with be labeled! Remember those kids I spent 8 hours with in their playroom? Went I left, everything was labeled! And I mean everything!!

* Ask their opinion! Kids have no shame in telling you how they want their space to look. Design it together!

And most importantly- have fun!!

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