Saving Space For Visitors- Yes Or No

We all love company. And some us us choose to save space for them. Space that we really need in our homes. If you live in a big suburban McMansion- you might have an extra room that you can fully donate to visitors. If you are a city dweller, that is not the case.

Your guest room might have several different uses. Mine is also my home office. Usually when I have guests, I put them in my master bedroom- its so cozy. I then camp out in my office.

In a perfect world of space, we would all have a guest room complete with a separate bathroom. There would be a closet in the room that would store only extra linens and have hangers for clothes. And lets not forget an empty dresser for folded items.

Okay, back into reality. Over the years, I have seen many people “saving” closets and space for their guests. Space that they really need to use for storage.

Our friends love us no matter if they have a closet to hang their coat or have to throw it on your bed. They are happy to camp out in your multi-purpose room. Its nice to have a closet dedicated to them but it you can’t spare the space, they will understand.

The moral of this story, if you need the space – use it! Don’t let other areas of your home be overcrowded due to saving space for your guests!

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