Paper Management: Get Your Paper Under Control

Paper management is a huge part of anyone’s life. In a world trying to go paperless, there is still quite a bit of it floating around. If you don’t have systems set up for your paper, it will just gather in piles all over your home.

Unsorted paper piles will cost you time and money. Yes, I found a 4000 check in a random pile last week! Get your paper under control!!

mail pile

Here are some tips to help you get in under control:

* Limit the incoming. What can you get online to avoid the massive amounts of mail. I get all my financial statements and bills online.

* Don’t donate through the mail. These solicitations are handled by marketing companies. If they see activity, they will send you more mail.

* Set up a primary filing system. All your paper should have a place to go. Make sure each file is clearly labeled! I use a label maker.

* Have a current tax file to file your tax donations that come through during the year.

* Set up action item files. These files are your daily working files. They should be titled – TO DO, SOCIAL, BILLS, PENDING. Each day, things should go in and out of these files. These are your current “in progress” items.

* Have a tax/mortgage/legal papers archive box. There is no need to keep older papers in with your current stuff.

* Get a coupon organizer. Organize them by category. If you throw them in a drawer, you will forget about them. Keep frequently used coupons in your glove compartment.

* Handle your mail on a daily basis. Stand over your recycle bin. 90% should be tossed immediately!

With a few simple changes, you can get your paper under control!

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