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Things to Get Rid Of When You Move

Packing up and going to a new place? It takes time to take stock of what you should take with you. I help a lot of people downsize and change their space. It can be a challenge on many levels. So lets start with the big stuff- Your furniture! * Does it fit your new... Read more »

Saving Space For Visitors- Yes Or No

We all love company. And some us us choose to save space for them. Space that we really need in our homes. If you live in a big suburban McMansion- you might have an extra room that you can fully donate to visitors. If you are a city dweller, that is not the case. Your... Read more »

How To Share Your Space With Adult Children

Sometimes they come home! It might be right after college with dirty laundry or books, or it can be years later with their kids and stuff. Whatever the reason, your space has to accommodate their belongings. If they come home after college, they will probably have minimal belongings that can be fit back into their... Read more »

Paper Management: Get Your Paper Under Control

Paper management is a huge part of anyone’s life. In a world trying to go paperless, there is still quite a bit of it floating around. If you don’t have systems set up for your paper, it will just gather in piles all over your home. Unsorted paper piles will cost you time and money.... Read more »

The Secret To Getting Kids To Organize

If you tell your kids to clean their room, you will probably get “the look” and they will run out of the room. Sound familiar? Its very common. There is a secret to getting kids to organize and clean. Over the years, I have been hired to work with lots of kids. Their parents have... Read more »

How To Clean Out Your Clothes Closet

I had a few hours free on Saturday morning and what did I choose to do- clean out my clothes closet. Yes, it was my bi-yearly purge. Don’t hate, it took all of 20 minutes!! I keep my master closet organized by category and color. I am a very visual person and it makes it... Read more »

Helping A Hoarder- When You Need To Step Back

I walked into a home this Tuesday and wanted to cry. Every bit of progress that I had made had been undone and more. For me, a people pleaser and a person that takes such pride in what they do, it was heartbreaking. I knew what I had to do-STEP BACK! We all want to... Read more »

Living In A Temporary Home- What Not To Unpack

Sometimes we find ourselves living in a temporary home or space. It may be do to a job transfer, downsizing, or a quick move due to relationship changes. So you pack it all up and then jam in into your new space. If you are living there on a temporary basis, should you unpack all... Read more »

Finish The Cycle- An Organizers Favorite Mantra To Live By

Several years ago, Peter Walsh coined the phrase “Finish the cycle”. He encouraged everyone to look at all the tasks we do as having “cycles”. This is my single most favorite organizing mantra. Its drilled into my brain and I use it all the time with my clients. So what exactly does this mean? Everything... Read more »