Living In A Temporary Home- What Not To Unpack

Sometimes we find ourselves living in a temporary home or space. It may be do to a job transfer, downsizing, or a quick move due to relationship changes.

So you pack it all up and then jam in into your new space. If you are living there on a temporary basis, should you unpack all your stuff? No! Don’t recreate the wheel time and time again.

I see many people in this position, especially executives that are working on contract.

Unpacking and repacking your stuff time and time again can lead to more damages. We all have very fragile special items that we need to be careful with. Here are some suggestions on what to leave packed at your temporary home.

1. Photo Albums- Unless you look at them on a regular basis. They are big and bulky and take up space.

2. China- Unless you actually use it, leave it safely packed away.

3. Books- Unpack what you need and use only.

4. Memory items – Keep these in storage

5. Activity items- If you don’t plan on skiing, camping, or whatever activities you do, then leave these things containerized.

6. Tools- If you are renting, you don’t need to unpack all your tools. A few of the basics will suffice.

7. Holiday items- If they don’t work with your temp home, leave them in storage.

When you are packing up your home, clearly label your items. If you have a basement, then you unpacked items can be stored there. If you are having to use off sight storage, make sure the boxes are labeled that way.

When you get ready to move again, you will have more clarity and less to pack!!

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