How To Share Your Space With Adult Children

Sometimes they come home! It might be right after college with dirty laundry or books, or it can be years later with their kids and stuff. Whatever the reason, your space has to accommodate their belongings.

If they come home after college, they will probably have minimal belongings that can be fit back into their childhood room or in the basement or attic.

Its when they come back later in life, they will have stuff. Sometimes they will want to bring their whole household, other times just their bed and clothes. Whatever the case, you need to have a plan before the boxes start coming off the truck.

1. WHAT DO THEY WANT TO BRING: Find out what they want to bring to your home.

2. PREPARE YOUR HOME: It might be time to clean out the basement or attic. If your “child” is bringing furniture or other items, carve out a space to put them.

3. UNPACK ONLY WHAT THEY NEED: Encourage them to only unpack what they need. If you have a full kitchen, they don’t need to unpack all their dishes, pots and pans, ect.

4. DEFINE YOUR SPACE: You will need to create space for storage, sleeping, toiletries, and kitchen/food. Make sure your kid knows what space is for them. Set up new systems if you need them.

5. ITEMS TO BE SHARED:Before they move in, chat about expenses and what items you are going to share the cost. Does your adult child still want momma’s cooking or do they intend to buy their own food.

6. RESPECT: Everyone should respect each others space!

By establishing some ground rules, and defining your space, this transition will go a lot easier!!

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