How To Clean Out Your Clothes Closet

I had a few hours free on Saturday morning and what did I choose to do- clean out my clothes closet. Yes, it was my bi-yearly purge. Don’t hate, it took all of 20 minutes!!

I keep my master closet organized by category and color. I am a very visual person and it makes it easier for me to find things.

When cleaning out your closet, start with one category or section at a time. If the job is too overwhelming, break it down into a few different projects.

Here is what to look for:

* Color- Is it my color?- Get your colors done! It makes a big difference

* Cut- Is the cut flattering to you? Know your body shape! This gal can’t wear skinny jeans.

* Size- Does it fit you? Never fear, if you have changed sizes, take out the small clothing. Bin it up until you are able to wear it again.

* Condition- Is it faded? Is it worn? I am guilty of this one. I wear clothes till they literally walk off my back! I get my use out of them. The same goes for shoes!

Clothes don’t last forever. They will stretch and fade. Elastics will fail! It happens. My favorite black shirt got a snag in it? It broke my heart but it was no longer something I could wear out!

So what did I purge?

* That favorite black shirt with the snag
* One pair of worn out sandals(they made it through three summers of street fairs)
* One tank top that was a gift and not my color
* One badly faded tank top
* One T shirt that never fit correctly
* One old hoodie
* One pair of work tennis shoes-Worn the bottoms out
* One skirt that I wore with my bathing suit- elastic died- not worth fixing (clearance rack skirt-made it 6 years)

After purging, I always make a list of what I would like to buy. I tackle it little by little!

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