Helping A Hoarder- When You Need To Step Back

I walked into a home this Tuesday and wanted to cry. Every bit of progress that I had made had been undone and more. For me, a people pleaser and a person that takes such pride in what they do, it was heartbreaking.

I knew what I had to do-STEP BACK!

We all want to help people that have hoarding issues. Whether is be a neighbor, friend, or relative, we think we can make a difference in their lives. I get phone calls from people all the time seeking my advice. We try and try and try. Sometimes we turn the corner other times we face obstacles at every corner. I hit the wall.

There are many different reasons why someone isn’t ready to change their life. We have to respect that and take a step back. I know as much as I want to help everyone that I come across in my professional career, it won’t happen.

Here are some signs that you need to take a step back:

* The person is in denial that they have a problem. They don’t think their space is unsafe or unsanitary.

* They are not in a good place emotionally.

* Physically they are not able to handle the process.

* They are constantly churning- moving items from one place to another not putting things away.

* They become verbally abusive!

Stepping back is not quitting. It’s simply giving the hoarder time to think about things. They may need to process their thoughts and emotions as well. It also gives you a break from the emotions that have been stirred up during the process. We all need that at times.

You can always begin again!!

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