Where Is The Love; No Gratitude At Salvation Army or Goodwill

I am in the throws of full organizing season. I am driving around with the seats down in the back of my Rav4. This summer I have been an unpacking and hauling queen. Everyone is shedding a layer or two of stuff. I think I have seen the ladies at the consignment shop and the guys at the electronic recycle place more than my friends!

I have my favorite place to donate stuff. I have been dropping loads at the Family Tree Resale shop on Lincoln Ave. They are on the way home, nice people, and and it benefits the community.

Sometimes, due to volume or time constraints, I am forced to donate in the areas where I am working. A few weeks ago I was working on a huge job with several other organizers in the Orland Park area. We were clearing out a house that was pretty full. During the day, we all loaded our cars and made trips to Goodwill. The employees were grouchy and didn’t seem happy to see us. They stood aside while we unloaded cars for them instead of them unloading them.

Yes, it was a hot day, and we all were sweaty. I was counting the hours till I could go home and shower. This princess doesn’t like to sweat!

One of the organizers got tired of the attitudes and talked to the manager. It did the trick. Next time I drove up, the attitude had changed and everyone had a smile on their face. That is the way it should be.

Flash forward a week. I was in between jobs in the lakeview Chicago area. I didn’t have time to drive to my favorite donating place- where I am always meet with a smile. So I dropped my load at Salvation Army. They dude sat inside and let me unload my car. I actually had two loads for different clients. I filled out one form and them started to fill out another. He started yelling and violently grabbed the receipt from me. He told me that I only got one receipt and he didn’t care if I had two loads in the one car. I told him that his behavior was unprofessional and I wanted to speak to the manager. He indicated that the store was closed and he was it.

I have to admit, fear came over me. I slowly backed out of there and ran to my car. This is not the first time I have had issues with Salvation Army. One time a pillow was thrown in my face and the guy stated “We don’t want your bedbugs!.” It was clean and of the decorative type.

So come Monday morning, I called the Salvation Army corporate headquarters. I was given another number to someone that handled complaints. I was passed to his assistant. I told her my story and never heard back from them.

Where is the gratitude- Both companies advertise that the donations help train people and put them to work. We are also saving things from landfills. Its a win win for everyone.

None of us have the perfect job. I get dirty and sweat like a pig in the summer. I have organized garages in over 100 degree weather. That is my job! I do it and do it with respect.

All I am asking for is to be treated with respect and gratitude! A smile, assistance, and a thank you will do!

Where is the gratitude Salvation Army and Goodwill? Time to get back to basics!

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