Time Management for the Returning College Student

Tonight I am giving a speech at a community college to students that have returned to college at an older age. My goal is to give them time management tips for balancing their home life and school work.

It makes me think back to my days at the University of North Texas. I was pretty organized back then as well. I organized my schedule so that I didn’t have classes on Fridays so I could have a lot of fun on Thursday nights. That was prime social night!!

So taking in mind that most of these students won’t be carefree 18 years old’s looking to party, I thought about what would be helpful to them and came up with these few things:

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE- What can you take off your plate. What are the time robbers or time bandits in your life.

SIMPLIFY YOUR ENVIRONMENT- Before school starts, get organized. Finish those projects and don’t take on any new ones.

PLAN YOUR TASKS-Carefully plan out your time. What do you need to do vs what do you want to do. A few things I do to make my life easier include shopping in bulk, and cooking several meals at one time.

PLAN YOUR DAY- Be realistic about what you have time for each day. Take a few items off your to do list and get them done. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

And most importantly have some fun!!

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