How To Be An Organized Traveler

In the midst of all the craziness of work, I had to plan for a trip. Yup, I am taking a much needed break. Some people are professional travelers, they have their system down. Others throw it all in a suitcase and hope they don’t forget anything. Me, I have my own system. Here is my prep planning process:

CLEAN THE CONDO– I always leave my place in tip top shape. Usually when I come home, I have to head back to work the next day. I make sure all my clothes are washed and ready to go.

CLEAR THE DESK-Paperwork will build when I am away, but I like to have everything processed and up to date.

TOILETRIES- I take stock in what I need to buy for my trip. I am not one to keep around a lot of small toiletries. One trip to Ulta usually takes care of it.

MISC ITEMS- I fire up the kindle and download a few books. I also pack the standards like my umbrella.

PACKING- I normally pack a few days ahead of time. I write down each day and plan what clothes I need for it. The night before, I do a quick evaluation to make sure I included everything I need.

CRITTER CARE- My neighbor usually watches my crazy cats. The night before, I set out all their food and treats with feeding instructions.

And that my friends, is how you become an organized traveler.

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