A Lost Cat, A Happy Ending; The Importance of A Neighborhood List Serv

It’s no secret that I have been working non stop for the last two months. Last Wednesday night I mustered up a little energy to go for a power walk in my neighborhood. I was a mile from home when I ran into two boys.

They proudly showed me the kitten they found. Being a cat lover, I stopped to pet the cat. I noticed the shaved belly indicating that it had spayed. I figured it was newly adopted from a shelter. I asked the boys were they found the cat and what they were going to do with it.

They refused to give me any information. I noticed they both had cell phones. I asked them to call their parents tell them they were going to be late and to walk me to where they found the cat. I figured the three of us could canvas the block and find the cats home. They refused. They laughed in my face.

They messed with the wrong chick. I then demanded that they give me the cat. They looked shocked at my tone, but turned over the cat. The one boy even told me I was a Bitch(nice words for a ten year old). As tired as I was, I knew I could not leave that little animal. I walked home a mile with the little critter on my shoulder.

My plan was the jump in my car and drive around in hope that the owner would be outside looking for the cat. Before I got in my car, I went to my computer and put a notice on my neighborhood list serv-Every Block. I signed up months ago, but I don’t really read it.

So I drove around the block with the little critter sitting on my shoulder. What A sight it was. People were actually laughing at me. In irony, I actually saw the owner going back into her house. I beeped my horn but she didn’t turn her head. In Chicago we hear so many beeping horns it doesn’t phase us!

Next stop was the emergency vets. The cat was chipped to a shelter. I was relived. I could take the cat back to the shelter and they would notify the new owner.

So back to the Kelly Casa. I set up my bathroom for the kitty. My cats weren’t happy because they wanted to be with the cat. And the kitten didn’t want to be confined. Three crying cats and an overtired person doesn’t make a good mix!

I woke up the next morning to find someone had emailed me. His neighbor had lost her orange kitten. He didn’t give me her address but gave me her cross streets. So at 6 AM, the little shoulder riding critter and I headed out to find her home. I knocked on one door and a very polite lady told me that they cat lived next door. The next knock was the last. Peaches made it home!! And I told her owner all about our little adventure.

While we all are busy, I think its important to know what is going on around you. Take a minute or two to read your neighborhood list serv. Lets all help each other out!!

PS: My cats have finally forgiven me for taking back the kitty!!

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