Time Management For The Time Challenged Person

Sorry that I have been so quiet. No, I didn’t forget how to write. Girlfriend has been quite busy! I only worked 11 hours yesterday. Somehow I made it home and was able to fold my laundry before crashing on the couch.

The past two weeks have been a little insane, even for an organized freak. I knew it was coming, I booked the jobs.

Even the most organized person can have time challenges when they find they don’t have a lot of free time. I was squirming in my chair while talking to my mom tonight thinking of the things I need to get done.

Then my client for tomorrow called and asked if I could start at 7 am. No problem.

So how do you handle the periods in your life when you feel like you are the rat on the wheel?

1. PREPARE- I cleared as much off my to do list as possible. I also did some serious cooking and froze a lot of food. I also stocked up on all the essentials

2. SURVIVE- Do only what you have to do each day. I am returning calls, paying bills, and cleaning out the litter box.

3. PUT YOURSELF FIRST- This social diva has been a little on the hermit side. My job is very physical and I need my rest for each new challenge. I have slowed down socially temporarily to meet my work demands!

And most importantly, remember to breathe! Tomorrow is a new day!

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