Time Management For The Small Business Owner - Are You Leaving Business On The Table

In the last few weeks, I have decided to tackle some small personal projects. I reached out to no less then 10 professionals to help me out. I was amazed that I got virtually no response. Yup, the phone at the Kelly Casa wasn’t ringing. I was not happy with this by any means. You don’t mess with a chick we needs to have her hair defrizzed!

After sitting outside at a friends BBQ, and being traumatized when I saw my hair in the mirror, I knew it was time for another Keratin. I decided to go through my barter group. I called 6 people and got one call back. Mind you, these are all small business owners.

The truth is, I have big crazy hair and will be a repeat customer. They all lost out!!

My second goal was the have a design painted on a vintage window that I have. A friend put me in touch with two artists through facebook. Both were on facebook all the time but chose not to respond in a timely manner. One responded five days later and told me she had to be reminded to respond(wow). The other one managed a message in the same amount of time. They had time to be on facebook all the time but not respond to a simple email. Lovely!

Like any other consumer, when I have a project to be done, I don’t want to waste time. I had some time that week to drop off the frame and discuss the design. It didn’t happen.

Plain and simple- that is not the way to run a business. I know first hand that running a business can be a challenge. There are days I feel like the rat on the wheel! But communication is the key. I always say, the early bird gets the worm.

As a business owner, your number one goal should be to respond to client inquiries. When that email or phone call comes in, you should jump on it! Don’t wait. If someone is calling seeking services, they are probably calling more than one person. Many times they are ready to take action.

Here are some helpful reminders:

* Have a smart phone- This way you can be mobile

* Don’t let those calls go to voice mail. If you are able, answer them. There is nothing worse than playing phone tag with someone.

* If someone emails you during off hours, and requests a phone call, let them know when you are going to call. If I respond to an email late at night, I let them know to expect a call from me either the next morning or afternoon.

* First impressions are everything!!

PS: The hair has been defrizzed! Amen!!

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