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Time Management For The Time Challenged Person

Sorry that I have been so quiet. No, I didn’t forget how to write. Girlfriend has been quite busy! I only worked 11 hours yesterday. Somehow I made it home and was able to fold my laundry before crashing on the couch. The past two weeks have been a little insane, even for an organized... Read more »

Time Management For The Small Business Owner - Are You Leaving Business On The Table

In the last few weeks, I have decided to tackle some small personal projects. I reached out to no less then 10 professionals to help me out. I was amazed that I got virtually no response. Yup, the phone at the Kelly Casa wasn’t ringing. I was not happy with this by any means. You... Read more »

Moving- A Guide to Get You Packing

Moving sucks. I can’t say it enough. When I moved it wasn’t a happy time three years ago. The decisions, packing, and purging(okay I had one small bag to donate). Its a lot to do in a small amount of time. I am seeing a trend of more and more people packing their own stuff... Read more »

Multiple Homes- Managing All The Stuff

I call it the weekend shuffle. The car gets loaded with stuff for the “other” home. It’s pretty common in the Midwest to have a second home. Many people that I work with have a cabin in Wisconsin or Michigan. A few even keep a condo in Florida. And so the shuffle begins. Packing, unpacking... Read more »

Overcoming Fear; Letting Go Of My Blackberry

Sometimes when I walk into a new clients home, I see the look of fear. Change can be a scary thing. Especially for someone who is set in their ways(raising my hand on that one). We all have areas of life that we can improve upon. My biggest fear over the last few years-the I... Read more »

Neglected Space- Areas of The Home We Tend To Forget About

Every home has it-neglected space. You know the areas that you don’t clean or purge on a regular basis. They turn into shoving matches- everything is fighting for space. Things spill, get wasted, and are forgotten. We simply need to tackle this spaces every once in awhile. Pull it all out, wipe it down, and... Read more »