Overcoming Fear; Letting Go Of My Blackberry

Sometimes when I walk into a new clients home, I see the look of fear. Change can be a scary thing. Especially for someone who is set in their ways(raising my hand on that one). We all have areas of life that we can improve upon.

My biggest fear over the last few years-the I phone. Yup, a little bitty phone had me running scared. It seemed like it was everyone’s mission to get me to make the switch. My non technical self was perfectly happy with my blackberry. It did me right and served me well.

Friends would pull out their phone during dinner and show me all the cool stuff that I could do. Clients even made comments. Some were shocked that I still had a blackberry. I have heard of fat shaming but phone shaming? Really, people!!

So I finally relented and put it on the to do list(at the bottom). Then my blackberry started freezing up. I took it to a phone store and was told that I probably had a few months left before the phone died. Heartbroken, I called ATT. I found out that I was eligible for an upgrade. The new phone only would cost me a dollar! No more excuses!!

Days later, I was sitting at my kitchen table staring at the box. The order form said that the phone must be activated in 14 days(I call that the Erin clause). So I committed to do it on my next day off. And yesterday, was “D” day.

As soon as customer service opened, I called and activated the phone. Then I drove to the store to get my contacts transferred. Before I made the trek, made a short list of questions for the technician. I wanted to make it as painless as possible. Everything went off without a glitch. I even figured out how to upload facebook and twitter!! I did have to call my web hosting provider to help with my email. Ten minutes later, I was good to go.

I found the basics to be quite simple. All that fear for nothing. I am sure this is much more I can do with the phone and that will come in time. The most important thing is that my life and business weren’t interrupted!!

So if you are making changes in your life- GIVE YOURSELF TIME. I cleared my schedule so I could focus and not be rushed. I was able to embrace the changes in a non maniac pace.

PS: I electronic recycled the blackberry so there is no going back!!

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