Neglected Space- Areas of The Home We Tend To Forget About

Every home has it-neglected space. You know the areas that you don’t clean or purge on a regular basis. They turn into shoving matches- everything is fighting for space. Things spill, get wasted, and are forgotten.

We simply need to tackle this spaces every once in awhile. Pull it all out, wipe it down, and put it back by category.

UNDER THE KITCHEN SINK-Half used cleaning products occupy this space. Dried forgotten about sponges float around it as well. Most of the undersink cabinets I see are stuffed full. If there is no other storage in the home or condo, they are used for stocking up all the cleaners.

If you have space, create a cleaning area or shelf. Keep under the sink only what you need in the kitchen.  Containerize those sponges and scrub brushes.

LINEN CLOSET -Its like one big party in this space. All your products are mixed together.  Containerize and categorize! Use small bins that stack to save space. My favorites are the grid totes from container store.

linen closet storage


Go through all your towels and sheets. How many do you really need? If your linen closet is super crowded, consider keeping your sheets in the closet of the room they are used. Under the bed bins are also good for sheet storage.

LAUNDRY ROOM -Socks don’t run away, they get dropped behind the washer, on the floor, or mixed in with other stuff. This area is gooey, littered with bounce sheets, and lint. Be sure to give it a proper cleaning. Put in shelving to store your laundry products. If your socks do run away, have a basket for the orphans. Don’t let clothes sit in this room waiting for repair or hanging from a rod. Most laundry rooms are in basements and can get pretty dusty.

PANTRY -First of all categorize. Label the shelves if it helps you! Evict the expired! Make note of the items you use on a regular basis and stock up on only those! The random stuff will just sit!!

Don’t forget, these areas need love as well! They are vital to the functioning of the home.

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