Multiple Homes- Managing All The Stuff

I call it the weekend shuffle. The car gets loaded with stuff for the “other” home. It’s pretty common in the Midwest to have a second home. Many people that I work with have a cabin in Wisconsin or Michigan. A few even keep a condo in Florida.

And so the shuffle begins. Packing, unpacking and always forgetting something. Its a constant attempt to manage stuff moving between homes. Many times, stuff gets forgotten or left at the wrong place.

My advice to you- keep it Simple. Don’t recreate the wheel every time you travel.

1. Kitchen- Keep your kitchen stocked with some basics like your coffee or tea. Also have a set of the basic appliances such as silverware, pots and pans. The items you have at your second home, should reflect your lifestyle there. If you don’t entertain in a formal manner, don’t bring your china!

2. Bathroom- Stock it up with toiletries. Keep a second set of make up at your other home. Shampoo in the shower.

3. Linens- Keep a stock of linens and blankets for yourself and visitors.

4. Buy in bulk- Go to Costco and stock up your place. Who wants to have to bring toilet paper, paper towels in the car each time you visit.

5. Clothing- What activities do you do at your second home? If its by a lake, you probably do some swimming. Most people tend to be very casual at their vacation homes. Leave some basics in your dresser drawers.

Don’t recreate the wheel every time you go to your second home. Make an inventory of items that you need at your place.

And most importantly, don’t bring items to your vacation home simply because they don’t fit in your primary home. I see this happen all the time. Make sure they will fit and you have a use for them.

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