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Organizing- Little Stuff We Forget To Purge

I was standing in line at the post office on Saturday morning when I noticed the lady in front of my had all her membership cards on a key chain-pretty organized I thought, until I saw the one for Dominicks. We all know they closed in December. It got me to thinking. Many times when... Read more »

Is Your Sh*t Gonna Fit? Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Home

Yesterday I was working on a project in which the clients had bought a new home. I was in my favorite place-the master closet. I thought I was rocking until box after box began to arrive. I had a moment! This sh*t ain’t gonna fit! I expelled two large boxes of hangers from the closet... Read more »

Coming Clean With Matt Paxton

I had the opportunity to chat with “Extreme Cleaner” Matt Paxton last night.  Matt is the owner of Clutter Cleaner, blogger at Five Decisions Away, and the author of the book The Secret Life of Hoarders. In the last 8 years he has cleaned out 1000 severely hoarded homes that fall into the levels of... Read more »

Encouraging A Senior Family Member To Purge Their Home- What Not To Say

No one wants to inherit a hoarded or cluttered house. I personally have cleaned out many of them. I see the stress, frustration, and anger. The most common complaint is the time and money they have to spend to get the home ready for sale. And as we know with hoarding, treasures are hidden everywhere.... Read more »

How To Tackle The Hoarded Home

One of my specialties is working with hoarders and very cluttered homes. As much as I find it rewarding, it can be challenging at times. Where do you put things when all the space is taken? In the organizing world, we live by OHIO- only handle it once. When clearing out a “full” home, OHIO... Read more »

A Resource Guide To Donating Or Selling Stuff In Chicago

Sometimes I think finding a place to donate/sell things is actually harder than making the decision to let it go. Once you decide to release your things, there is the choice of donate or sell. I have seen people call salvation army and let it all go. And on the flip side, I have seen... Read more »

National Clean Out Your Inbox Week 2014- Just Delete It

Who knew, its National Clean Out Your Inbox  Week. Apparently this is the 7th year for this lovely holiday. So who has a perfectly cleaned out email inbox? Most of us don’t. As with paper, we all hang onto too many emails that we don’t need. Sometimes its hard to find the ones that we... Read more »

How To Make Your Work Bag Work For You

When I am working on home offices, one things I often see neglected is the work bag. Many of us don’t even purge the old one when we get a new one. It just goes off to the corner of bags and gathers dust. Your work bag is a direct reflection of you. It also... Read more »

Reinventing The Wheel- How To Stop

I come across this problem all the time. People are always reinventing the wheel. Handling things multiple times, packing and unpacking, and forgetting things. Every time you “reinvent the wheel” or a system, you give room for human error. Lets look at a examples of how to set up systems that work. * You travel... Read more »

Inheriting A Hoard-Should You Sort It Or Call Junk Removal

I run into this problem quite a bit. A family member passes away and I am called in to help with the estate. It’s hard enough when you lose a family member but when you inherit a hoarded home- it makes things much worse. What should you do? Should you take the time and spend... Read more »