When Life Changes Demand You Simplify Your Life; How To Make It Work

Ten years ago I was a pretty fun chick. Five dollar martini night was my best friend. I was the social director of my “crew” of lovely ladies. I was also the car pool leader.  When I wasn’t entertaining clients from my sales job (love me some Gibsons), I was out having fun.

If there was a party, I was there.  Then I started my business and a new phase of life began. I had to redirect my energies into running a business vs running a social life.

While I never was a late night kind of person, I found out pretty quickly that I could not keep up the “fun” lifestyle and run a business. There was no way I could be on my feet for 10 to 12 hours after a late (early to most) night. I also had to build a clientele. So some of  those fun nights, had to be switched to networking events.

So whether its a new career, illness, or other life change- sometimes we have to turn over a new leaf.  Easier said then done.  Here is how my life changed.

 STRENGTH MANAGEMENT First of all, I was weak. I had been in sales for 10 years. I basically drove around in a car to appointments. The first month of organizing was brutal on my body. I didn’t realize all the lifting involved. I started lifting weights to solve that problem.

TIME MANAGEMENT I had to mix my social time with networking time. When I first started my business, I had to dedicate time to making contacts, building the business, and finding power partners. I searched for networking events the same way I used to search for fun parties. The first year of my business, I made it a goal to attend 6 networking events a month.

HOME MANAGEMENT Without regular 9 to 5 hours, I had to make some changes in the way I ran my home. No longer did I have weekends to run errands. I had little pockets of time. I started stocking up at the Costco. I also began to cook meals and freeze them.

Since I am an early bird, I started doing my laundry in the morning before work. I would hang up the stuff to dry and put it away when I got home.

I also run errands before, in between, and after jobs in the area that I am working.  My garmin helps me locate the nearest Target, banks, ect. I make  a “to do” list each night. Based on  my schedule the next day, I pick a few  things to get done.

Ten years later, I live a more simplified life. I am the first one to leave the party, but  have a sense of balance. The changes I had to make,  have worked to my benefit.

What life changes have you made? Are they working for you??

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