Simple Ways To Organize Your Life So You Don't Have Manic Mondays

The Bangles may have coined the term ” Manic Monday” but I am sure that we all feel that way at times. After two days off work for most people (except me-weekend worker), you have to jump back into the grind of life and work.

Sometimes people find it hard to jump back into the swing of things. And Monday becomes a little crazy for everyone. Here is how to stop those “Manic Mondays” and have a semi sane week.

To me, Monday signifies a fresh week, a fresh start. Here is how I like to start my week:

CLEAN HOME-LAUNDRY-I start my Mondays with an empty laundry basket. All my clothes are washed and ready to go for the week. To save time, I also set out my clothes the night before. This saves so much time in the morning. I don’t have to open my closet or dresser and do the “hunt” for things I need.

MEAL PLANNING-Come Monday, the fridge is full. I meal plan. This saves time and money. Since my schedule changes everyday, I make sure that I have quick food for lunches, as well as frozen items(that I have previously cooked) for dinner. If I am attending any social events, I also pick up ingredients for things I need to cook. Like anyone else, I occasionally have to make a run to the grocery for fresh stuff like veggies.

NIGHT TIME PREP-This is the most important part of simplifying your week. Aside from setting out my clothes the night before, I make a lunch(if needed). I also set out a second outfit if I am going out after work(can’t be social in my grubbies), set out any event tickets and pack my work bag.

TIME MANAGEMENT-I also plan out my social and personal time. I take a look at my schedule each day and set goals for myself. I have learned not to overload my plate.

This is what works for me and keeps me sane. How do you plan your week? Are you scheduled like me or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

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