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BBQ or Home Improvement: How Did You Spend Memorial Day

Monday there was a mandatory lock down in the Kelly Casa. I chose to skip two cook outs to get some projects done. So instead of sitting outside, knocking back some sangria and munching on a burger, I was knee deep in home improvement projects. Yup, the social diva stayed away from social media, the... Read more »

Condo Living- Sharing Space With Your Neighbors

I had to laugh when I bought my condo. The president of the board stated “We take great pride in this building and keep it clean.” I guess that didn’t include the basement. Yup, the common basement area of the six flat I live in was a cluster! Stuff everywhere. No rhyme or reason. Little... Read more »

Multitasking- The Truth

Last month I goofed. Yes, you heard me say it right. I was working on a lot of projects and was doing too much at one time. I know better. Shame on me. I got a call from Peoples Gas saying that my bill wasn’t paid. This has never happened in my world. EVER!! I... Read more »

Advice From A Small Business Owner For National Small Business Week

Guess what? It’s National Small Business Week. Its a week that honors those of us that climbed in the trenches and chose to build something. Since 1963 the President has done a declaration in May recognizing the “critical contributions that entrepreneurs and small business owners” make to nation. June 1, marks my 10 year anniversary... Read more »

Organizing Your Fur Babies Stuff: National Pet Care Month 2014

With more and more marketing companies putting an emphasis on pet products, our critters are coming with more stuff. No longer do they just have a water/food bowl and a few toys. As with anything, your fur babies stuff needs a place in your home. Depending on your space, I have seen pet storage in... Read more »

Simple Ways To Organize Your Life So You Don't Have Manic Mondays

The Bangles may have coined the term ” Manic Monday” but I am sure that we all feel that way at times. After two days off work for most people (except me-weekend worker), you have to jump back into the grind of life and work. Sometimes people find it hard to jump back into the... Read more »

10 Things You Must Do To Stage Your Home

Sometimes I am the bad guy. Realtor’s call me in to stage or declutter a home before it hits the market. It’s my job to go through each room and put a plan together for the home. It’s easier said than done. We all live differently then we stage. So lets get started- Staging according... Read more »

When Life Changes Demand You Simplify Your Life; How To Make It Work

Ten years ago I was a pretty fun chick. Five dollar martini night was my best friend. I was the social director of my “crew” of lovely ladies. I was also the car pool leader. ¬†When I wasn’t entertaining clients from my sales job (love me some Gibsons), I was out having fun. If there... Read more »

National Pet Month 2014- Love Those Fur Babies

May is National Pet Month. During all of May, pet stores, vets, and pet lovers are all promoting the benefits of pet ownership, pet adoption, and the value of companion animals. I personally live with two crazy cats. This is the first thing I see everyday when I come home. They are always waiting in... Read more »

Chicago Votes To Ban Plastic Bags In 2015

Yesterday, Chicago Alderman voted 36 to 10 to ban plastic bags in Chicago. ¬†Effective in August 2015 those non-environmentally friendly bags are going bye bye! This rule applies to chain stores or franchises of more than 10, 000 feet. Yup, all those groceries stores are included. Bye, bye plastic!! So we all have a year... Read more »