Organizing Your Fur Babies Stuff: National Pet Care Month 2014

With more and more marketing companies putting an emphasis on pet products, our critters are coming with more stuff. No longer do they just have a water/food bowl and a few toys.

kitty snuggles

As with anything, your fur babies stuff needs a place in your home. Depending on your space, I have seen pet storage in mud rooms, laundry rooms, or the kitchen.

Food Storage– My cats eat both wet and dry food. The canned (wet) food I stack on a shelf in my laundry room. I also have a shelf for their treats and catnip. Many places such as Walmart and the container store sell a variety of containers for dry pet food.

pet food storage

Leashes/Collars-I would have a designated place for your main dog leash or cat harness. Hanging it on a hook is a good idea-keep it visual, so your those that care for your pet will always be able to find it. Keep any extra leashes and collars in a container such as a small bin.

Pet Wardrobe-Yes, these days pets have their own wardrobes. I have seen everything from tutus to rain coats. Don’t let these expensive items float around at the bottom of a closet. Store them in a small bin or basket.

Pet Toys-If you pet likes “self serve” toys that he/she can get out of a basket and play with- find a nice basket for the toys. This can be stored under a coffee table or the the corner of a room. For extra toys(we all have them) use a small bin with a lid. When toys get old, you can replace them.

Your pets have a big place in your heart, make sure they have place in your home!

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