National Pet Month 2014- Love Those Fur Babies

May is National Pet Month. During all of May, pet stores, vets, and pet lovers are all promoting the benefits of pet ownership, pet adoption, and the value of companion animals.

I personally live with two crazy cats. This is the first thing I see everyday when I come home. They are always waiting in the window for me!

kitties in window


I am a strong believer in rescue animals. All the animals I have had, have been rescues. There are so many wonderful shelters in the Chicago area. The website is is a great way to help you find pets that need a home in your area. The local shelters put up a profile of the animals that they have available for adoption. I found my cat Piper on pet finder at the shelter Felines in Chicago. It was love at first sight (even though he runs over to the neighbors condo every chance he gets).

piper at neighbors

He is in love with the neighbors dog. Its quite funny. In the next picture he is holding the dogs leash. Gotta love it!


walk the dog

Leo- my other cat was abandoned at his cat sitters. A friend told me about him. I went to meet him and he jumped in my arms.  I have had him since January and he has been quite the character. Belly rubs anyone??leo cute


And luckily, the  two cats love each other!!

kitty snuggles

So if you are looking for a pet. Consider your local rescue groups. They work very hard to socialize these animals so they can find their forever homes!!


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