Multitasking- The Truth

Last month I goofed. Yes, you heard me say it right. I was working on a lot of projects and was doing too much at one time. I know better. Shame on me.

I got a call from Peoples Gas saying that my bill wasn’t paid. This has never happened in my world. EVER!! I told the customer service, I am a organizer, I pay all my bills the day they come in. I have a process. I get them online, go to my bank and pay them, then enter the amount in quickbooks.

Sure enough, The item was entered in my quickbooks. I also went to my online bank statement- I paid people- people magazine not people’s gas.

So there it is. When you do too much at once, you increase the risk of human error. I went online and paid the right peoples and then called People magazine to get a refund. I felt like a big goober.

I felt bad until I read an article on multitasking from Daily Infographic. It stated that studies show that companies lose 450 billion dollars each year due to people not focusing on their tasks. The also noted that we check our cell phones 150 times per day.

So stats being told, do you multitask or handle one thing at a time? What works for you?

I still multitask but know that there are certain things that need my full attention.

I don’t have a problem multitasking when I am doing laundry. When that buzzer goes off, change out the loads or fold my clothes. I have also been known to swiffer while taking teleclasses and conference calls.

I know when comes to processing paperwork, I give it my full attention. Everything that comes across my desk is handled in a very timely manner. OHIO- Only Handle It Once!!

And yes, this month I paid Peoples gas!!

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