Chicago Votes To Ban Plastic Bags In 2015

Yesterday, Chicago Alderman voted 36 to 10 to ban plastic bags in Chicago.  Effective in August 2015 those non-environmentally friendly bags are going bye bye! This rule applies to chain stores or franchises of more than 10, 000 feet. Yup, all those groceries stores are included. Bye, bye plastic!!

So we all have a year to make some adjustments in our lives. I think that is more than fair. Its time to go out and get some reusable bags! Here are some of my favorite choices:


folding bag

The above is a small folding bag. Its made of  light canvas. Its perfect for running a few errands. It folds up in a small ball that is approximately 2 to 3 inches long. I keep one of these in my purse and work bag at all times.  They sell them all over the place. I think I got mine at old navy.


reusable bags

These bags are general reusable bags. They work well. They aren’t lined and if you continually over stuff them, they will rip(Target is known for overloading bags). Most grocery stores sell them for 99 cents.

costco bags


Costco bags. These are my favorite. They are strong! You can fill these bad boys up with cans and groceries! I keep them in the trunk of my car at all times.

I have been “off” plastic bags for several years now. It takes a little getting used to (remembering to bring your bags), but it works.

As with anything in life, its about developing a new habit! Don’t wait 12 months, start getting those bags out of your life!!


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