BBQ or Home Improvement: How Did You Spend Memorial Day

Monday there was a mandatory lock down in the Kelly Casa. I chose to skip two cook outs to get some projects done. So instead of sitting outside, knocking back some sangria and munching on a burger, I was knee deep in home improvement projects.

Yup, the social diva stayed away from social media, the phone, and went to work. I looked at  Memorial Day as a gift- a free day when no clients who would call (2 did), no friends would text (one did), and I would not have  slew of emails to answer.

I had my plan of attack and was ready to conquer my projects. Its so rare that I have a full day to get things done.

Flowers- one stop to Lowes for some hanging baskets for my balcony.

Windows-I took out my window pole and washed them! So happy that I live on the first floor.

Bathroom- Touch up one wall with paint. Caulk the whole bathroom. This entailed removing the old stuff. It would have gone a lot quicker if one cat hadn’t walked by and dragged his tail against the wet caulk. Can you say -redo!!

caulk gun


I also had a few spots of the door trim in various rooms to touch up. A quick and easy job.

It was also my week to do chores in the building (self managed), so I had to wash the front door windows, mop the entry way, and sweep the stairs.

It felt good to be able to go at my own pace. I didn’t have a timer set and wasn’t in a rush. A rare state in my life.

After my work was done, I went for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Once in a while, I would smell the faint aroma of a cook out.  I was amazed at how many people I saw around their homes that were doing various home projects. I guess I am not the only one that uses holidays for catch up!



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