Advice From A Small Business Owner For National Small Business Week

Guess what? It’s National Small Business Week. Its a week that honors those of us that climbed in the trenches and chose to build something. Since 1963 the President has done a declaration in May recognizing the “critical contributions that entrepreneurs and small business owners” make to nation.

June 1, marks my 10 year anniversary of my business, Arranged By Erin. I have the grey hair, short finger nails, and somewhere along the way I lost my type “A” personality to proof it. I don’t know how I do it, but I have the patience of job. I have learned to just roll with it.

After starting, growing, and running a small business for 10 years, I know a thing or two. Don’t get me wrong, I am still in that learning curve and always looking for ways to improve! I thought I would share with you some things I know to be true about running a business.

ACCOUNTING-Watch your pennies. Make sure that you have a good accountant, a good accounting system, and know what you can write off. I see sow many business owners that don’t have control of their funds. Receipts are scattered everywhere, not entered or lost. I am not a fan of accounting but take the time to enter my receipts everyday. I also file them by category.

NETWORKING-Get out there and meet people. At first, the business will not be knocking on your door. You need to sell yourself and your business. Don’t be pushy, but you can meet clients anywhere(this is from the girl that gets business on the train).

BUSINESS CARDS-Always have your business cards with you. You never know when someone will want them.

POWER PARTNERS-Develop relationships with people that compliment your business. You can refer each other business.

SUPPORT OTHER SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS-When you own a business, you realize how important it is to support your fellow small business owners.

THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM-Answer that phone. Check those emails. Don’t have the attitude, it can wait until tomorrow. Some people call several places for quotes for service. Get your business in the hat. I get emails at all strange hours. I answer as much as I can on an immediate basis. Don’t lose out on business opportunities.

MARKETING -Think outside of the box. Traditional marketing doesn’t work for a business like mine. I am constantly thinking of new ways to promote my business. Some of my last attempts have been trade shows, donations to charities, and giving speeches.

SUPPORT GROUP-Bond with other business owners. Sometimes you feel isolated in the trenches. Its good to bounce ideas off people that understand your position.

And the most important thing- Love what you do! I get excited about my job every day!!

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